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Hey! I'm Anastasia ​Your Holistic Doula

​There is no doubt that childbearing, birth, and postpartum can be challenging. It requires some serious grit, you know? A lot of mental toughness, determination,​ endurance, stamina, courage and even wisdom to make it through. Did you know that you could do it? I can reassure you that you 100% can!  Let me help equip you while on that journey!

I am a Holistic/Full Spectrum doula serving the GTA and surrounding areas. Check out the “About” page to read my biography in order to find out more about me and my services!

What is a Doula & why consider one?

A doula is a professional birth and labour assistant who provides informational, physical, and emotional support to you and your partner during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. They help the family unit prepare for the journey ahead. Depending on the family, services may differ, but essentially a “doula” is an additional person who will help equip you throughout various stages in your prenatal and postpartum endeavors.

Studies have shown that hiring a doula can help:

​✔ ​Decrease the length of labour

​✔ Decrease mother’s chances of medical intervention, and negative overall childbirth experience

​✔ Increase positive breastfeeding journey

​✔ Decrease challenges with postpartum mood disorders

Doula's encourage positive conversations between you and your health care practitioners to increase the chances of your birthing experience happening as closely as possible to what you desire. In addition to all of these wonderful things, doulas tend to have a network of great resources to aid in optimal wellness of the family unit during such precious times.

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